How do you answer “What are your weaknesses?”

Most interviewers ask this query because it indicates a profusion concerning the applicant. This appears harmless, but many interlocutors are circumventing from the query and saying they are purist or working too arduous. This kind of answer has ended up so not unusual that many hiring manager have planned observe-up questions to urge applicants to respond sincerely.


The general reaction fails, as it often seems that the candidate deficit honesty and self-awareness. It appears that candidate doesn’t realize a personal defect or decide upon not to disclose, perhaps out of worry that recognizing any of them threaten the probabilities of having a job. However, you have to deal with this hassle with this method: there is no one purist. When you have strengths, you ought to also have shortcomings. Be sincere with both.

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How do you answer the query “What are your weaknesses?”

 An excellent reply technique to this query is to create a real vulnerability and then display it with the assist of methods taken to triumph over the problem. The most importantly the candidate show the hiring manager that proactively took steps to enhance himself and additionally show the adequately versed in problem fixing and critical abilities in any function and subject.

If you honestly do not think about your weaknesses, discuss a few thoughts or consult a trusted friend or colleague. Respond the query sincerely but be aware of the vulnerability that is not fundamental for the job interviews. Example, you are applying for finance job do not admit which you don’t like numbers, or occasionally make errors with computation. Disclosing which you have weaknesses in primary work skills is a terrible idea. That is a horrific approach.


Understand that a searchable competitor is usually searching out approaches to study and develop. The best bidder takes the initiative to improve, enlarge and compensate.

Be sure to impeach your weaknesses. Prepare for a serious response over developing a compelling game plan to turn this weakness into a strength.