Black Box Model

We can’t deny that we are constantly being surrounded by black boxes.

In this video, I’m going to talk about black boxes and what it means in our lives.


The more things we know, the fewer things we actually understand.

Let me tell you why.

Back in the ‘80s, teaching students how to use a computer was simpler to some extent.

There were fewer processes and functions.

But unlike now, they were actually taught how computers work. Yes, using binary code.

Now we can say that learning how to use a computer in this day and age is more than just word processing – there are so many things to learn and your options are endless.

But, unless you write and build codes, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that we don’t really understand how computers work these days.


What I’m trying to say here is this.

As the world becomes more advanced, the amount of things we can actually grasp and understand decreases.

We rely on our smartphones all the time, but do we really understand how and why it works?

Chances are, we don’t. We just know and believe that it works. Mainly because it gives us what we need.

These are the black boxes that surround us.

Before we proceed to the topic. I just want to share an amazing LIG review career guidance that will help you. You can visit there website for more information. Let’s continue now. Black boxes are complex systems that are simply beyond our comprehension.

We can’t fully grasp those complex systems even if they’re explained to us.

But still we rely on them. In fact, we always consider them in making decisions.

Let’s say you’re in a team and you determine that your operations are not doing well.

Why? Because SalesForce says so. Because the canned report says so.

Okay, the system gives you an explanation so you trust it and make plans according to what it says.

See what I’m trying to say?

You have faith that the black box simply works. You don’t need an argument.

The faster and more complex a process becomes, the more we are left in the dark about their actual explanations.

Now what does this mean?

What does it mean to me if there’s no way to understand what goes on inside the black box?

Every day, there are more and more things that we simply have to rely on without even having to understand them.

And because of this, we give more value to what can give us an explanation rather than its actual explanation.